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Snow Removal

Snow & Ice Removal Services

Background & Qualifications

For business owners, HOAs and property managers, winter weather can be a daunting challenge. Snow, ice and freezing rain must be handled quickly and effectively. RBI has been providing quality, efficient and cost-effective snow and ice removal services to business owners, HOAs/residential communities, commercial and governmental customers for decades. We offer a comprehensive list of snow & ice removal services and do so throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including:

  • Parking lots, entryways and drive lanes
  • Walkways, pathways and stairs
  • Sidewalks - interior and perimeter
  • Overhangs, awnings and roofs
  • Garage and Parking decks
  • Roadways

Our dedicated management teams and crews are well trained in snow and ice removal best practices and skilled in keeping your property clear and safe for everyone living, working and visiting your property - all the while making management effortless for you. Many of our managers have achieved the Certified Snow Professional (CSP) certification from them Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).

Investment in Snow-Ice Removal Equipment

Over the years, we've invested millions of dollars in mechanized equipment (trucks, plows, loaders, skid loaders, pusher boxes, dedicated sidewalk machines, UTVs, snow blowers, brine and other specialized equipment) capable of removing snow and ice from virtually any size lots, walkways, pathways, overhangs, roofs, parking decks, roadways, etc.- no property is too large or complex for us.

Pre-Season / Post-Season Service

Prior to the start of the snow season, RBI deploys resources throughout the region in preparation for the first snow/ice event. Depot centers are set-up and stocked with materials (salt, ice-melt, brine), tools and equipment. Our area managers inspect every property and document any existing damage (e.g., cracked concrete, missing pavers, broken/chipped curbs, landscaping damage, broken signage, etc.) and report it to you - that way we can easily determine what, if any, damage may have been caused by RBI during the season - which will be properly and professionally repaired to your satisfaction as soon as is practical. As we get close to the first event, we make sure to install snow stakes as needed; and, each crew is provided a color-coded map for every property identifying all of the particular requirements for each tenant and the property as a whole (scope items).

In-Season Service

During the snow season, our experienced team of snow professionals ensure that all of your needs are met in a timely fashion; we provide 24x7 dispatch to respond to all winter weather challenges in real time. In addition, RBI will provide you with email communication before, during and after each event so that you're always aware of your property conditions and the status of clean-up for every event.

Use of Professional Meteorologist

Additionally, RBI engages the services of one of the areas foremost meteorologists to provide expert advice and consult regarding storms so that we are well prepared as far in advance as possible of pending events. We pass this critical information on to our customers to help them make wise decisions about deploying and calling out resources.

Pricing Models

We offer pricing on a Time and Materials, Per-Push or Seasonal basis. All invoicing is backed up with complete logs listing all of the services provided - which will match the pricing model you've chosen.

Licensed & Insured

RBI is fully licensed and insured.

Customers Include:

  • Home Owner Associations (HOAs)
  • Private Shopping Centers
  • Local Governments
  • Corporate Office Buildings
  • Large Parking Areas
  • Shopping Centers
  • Property Management Companies
Snow Removal & Other Emergency Services





We are proud members of the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) and we have Certified Snow Professionals in charge of our snow removal teams.

Snow Removal & Other Emergency Services