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Highway DOT

Highway DOT

Roche Bros., Inc. has been installing Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls on highway/DOT projects for many years. We've worked with many of the leading heavy highway contractors in the United States on some of the largest roadway improvement projects from New York to North Carolina. We've installed more than 2,000,000 square feet of MSE walls from virtually all of the key manufacturers in the country. Whether its a concrete panel wall, T-Wall, gabion basket wall, DOT approved segmental wall or geo-grid reinforced slope - we've done it!

We know exactly what it takes to effectively work side-by-side with general contractors when installing MSE walls on a project - whether a wide open work area with no interference or a tightly controlled site with minimal work bench and a premium on crew and equipment coordination, our teams are well experienced and equipped to handle the job. Because our team has worked on so many successful projects over the years, we know how to manage our resources and scope of work exceptionally well - in effect, we become an extension of your team without requiring your resources or much project management support. We've built an outstanding reputation for delivering MSE walls ahead of schedule and well within budget and most importantly, with the highest degree of quality.

For most MSE wall installations, Roche Bros., Inc. is contracted to form and install the concrete leveling pad, set the panels and install the reinforcing straps (or ladder system), place and compact the approved backfill throughout the reinforced zone of the wall as well as set the pre-cast coping. In many cases, we are also contracted to install drain pipe and other structures that are needed in the reinforced zone in conjunction with placing and compacting the fill.

Over time, RBI has achieved DOT approval for MSE Wall installations in many states along the Eastern seaboard. Please contact us to determine if we're currently approved where your project is located.