Project Management

Approach to Managing Projects

Our Advantage - Approach to Managing Projects

Executive Sponsorship

RBI takes complete ownership for all aspects of its work on every project it undertakes. At RBI, it starts with Executive Sponsorship.

Project Manager & Project Team

RBI's Executive Sponsor will assign an experienced, well qualified project manager/superintendent (PM) to oversee all operational aspects of the project for RBI. The PM will report directly to the Executive Sponsor and be involved in all management related decisions for the project.

The Project Manager will:

  • have authority to act on behalf of Roche Bros., Inc.;
  • strictly enforce all site rules, regulations and safety requirements;
  • manage the project team (Roche Bros., Inc.'s work force and second-tier subcontractors);
  • attend and actively participate in all site project meetings;
  • provide regular project progress status reports;
  • help coordinate logistics of equipment mobilizations and material deliveries;
  • work cooperatively, diligently and effectively with the customer's project team and other subcontractors.

Roche Bros., Inc.'s Project Team will include:

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Project Manager/Superintendent
  • Site Foreman
  • Equipment Operator(s)
  • Skilled Laborers/Craftsman
  • Subcontractor Teams (as needed on a case-by-case basis depending on job requirements)