Project Planning

Project Planning

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Project Planning

RBI's Project Manager will create a comprehensive project plan that includes detailed information regarding the resource and logistical components associated with all major deliverables in its scope of work for each project (including that of all second-tier subcontractors of RBI, if needed).

The initial plan will be based on the time frames indicated in RBI's Proposal for the Scope of Work communicated by the customer; the initial plan will be submitted for customer review and comment. Prior to finalizing it, RBI's PM will incorporate pertinent feedback and ensure that all key milestones are synchronized with the global plan developed by the customer for the overall project.

Throughout implementation, RBI's PM will provide written daily reports to the customer that include production accomplishments, field conditions, potential issues and other pertinent details about the project. Additionally, the PM will take photographs of its work and the site to document progress and issues. If relevant, pictures may be provided to the customer and/or its the general contractor, engineer or architect to help identify and resolve problems or other issues - thereby, enabling timely decisions and keeping the project on track.

Key Elements

Key elements of RBI's project plan will include:

  • A comprehensive review of all applicable contract documents, plans and specifications;
  • The development of all deliverables, overall project timeline and related milestones;
  • A complete resource plan (equipment, admin support, field labor, materials, trucking);
  • Integration of subcontractor scopes of work, deliverables, timeline and resource plans;
  • Incorporation of quality assurance and safety management