Installation of Pedestrian Truss & Precast Bridges

RBI is skilled and experienced in the installation of pedestrian truss and precast bridge systems. The pedestrian truss and precast bridge systems we offer provide our customers with a highly efficient, ecologically friendly, solution to their bridge requirements.

The bridge span products that we utilize are manufactured away from the project site, thereby, helping to reduce the traffic and environmental disruptions that typical framework construction imposes. Plus, the amount of time workers are required on the site is considerably less - further reducing environmental impact to the site. Not only are these products more cost effective and environmentally friendly, they are designed to be aesthetically appealing as well.

In addition, we offer economical, low-maintenance superstructure prefabricated bridge products as well. These products can be deployed quickly and efficiently and, like our span products, are very environmentally safe. These durable driving surface bridge systems are also built away from the installation site. They consist of galvanized steel girders that connect compositely to a precast concrete deck and have the capability to span up to 100 feet long.

Products and Services:

  • Installation of Pedestrian Truss & Precast Bridges