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Turn Key Solutions

Roche Bros., Inc. oversees the seamless execution of all aspects of its work on your construction project.

Roche Bros., Inc. understands the importance that experience plays in successfully completing turn key projects. A critical element is having the foresight necessary to spot potential problems or roadblocks before they happen. This requires knowing each customer's overall project plan, schedule and use of other contractors/subcontractors on the project. Roche's team spends time familiarizing itself with each prior to starting a new project. It prides itself on taking an active role in managing all aspects of its work as well as cooperatively coordinating with the owner, general contractor and any other subcontractors on the project to ensure that its work as well as the work of others is performed in synchronization and without interruption.

Another key element in providing turn key solutions is maintaining solid vendor relationships with the top providers of materials, equipment and services throughout the construction industry. Roche Bros., Inc. has done just that over the past two decades. It has developed relationships with virtually all of the leading hardscapes and landscaping suppliers in the regions of the country it works. Additionally, Roche has arrangements with all of the leading national equipment rental companies and specialty subcontractors it works with to complement the services it offers.

Turn Key Solutions

The 10 steps Roche Bros., Inc. follows in providing turn-key solutions:

  1. Gaining comprehensive knowledge of the entire scope of the project prior to beginning any work;
  2. Completing overall project planning and design activities;
  3. Managing requisite permit processing and making sure all pertinent permits are obtained prior to starting construction activities;
  4. Coordinating schedule requirements for all trades associated with the scope of the project;
  5. Conducting pre-construction meetings to ensure the site is ready, that all parties involved in the work are on the same page and that requisite resources are deployed;
  6. Overseeing all aspects of the construction work;
  7. Reporting progress on the project to all parties on a regular basis;
  8. Effecting good and constant communications between parties;
  9. Performing walk-through with owner and/or general contractor;
  10. Completion of any punch list items and final walk through with owner and/or general contractor.

In Roche Bros., Inc.'s experience, successful contracting relationships are the result of open and honest communications, high quality workmanship, fair pricing and a reasoned, professional approach to the issues that arise from time to time on a project. It is the kind of customer relationship that Roche Bros., Inc. strives to establish with every customer. Roche Bros., Inc. will commit the resources, corporate will and determination, qualified project team and complete accountability to ensure that the relationship is successful and rewarding for all involved!

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Lake Providence — Mt. Juliet, TN

Roche Bros. is the hardscape contractor for the newly opened Lake Providence Active Lifestyle Community in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.