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Project Planning

Roche Bros., Inc. will create a comprehensive project plan that includes detailed information regarding the resource and logistical components associated with all major deliverables in its scope of work for each project (including that of all second-tier subcontractors of Roche Bros., Inc. - if needed). The initial plan will be based on the time frames for Roche Bros., Inc.'s scope of work as communicated by the customer and will be submitted to the customer for review and comment. Prior to finalizing it, Roche Bros., Inc. will incorporate pertinent feedback and ensure that all key milestones are synchronized with the global plan developed by the customer for the overall project. Once agreed to and finalized, RBI will keep it up to date throughout the duration of the project.

Key Elements

Key elements of Roche Bros., Inc.'s project plan will include:

  • A comprehensive review of all applicable contract documents, plans and specifications;
  • The development of all deliverables, overall project timeline and related milestones;
  • A complete resource plan (equipment, admin support, field labor, materials, trucking);
  • Integration of subcontractor scopes of work, deliverables, timeline and resource plans;
  • Incorporation of quality assurance management

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Lake Providence — Mt. Juliet, TN

Roche Bros. is the hardscape contractor for the newly opened Lake Providence Active Lifestyle Community in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.